Lulu Is A No Show: Who’s Got The Flu Out There?

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Ah, Flu season in NYC! I’m sure I speak for the entire city when I say we all love taking trains, buses and ferries with the snotty masses! It’s part of the charm of living in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, not everyone in the city can keep up their hectic pace when they get run down with the sniffles, aches and pains.

Case in Point: Phone Screener Bryan.

The poor guy was out sick for Monday and Tuesday, home alone with only his puppy Freddie Bear, to take care of him. And Freddie Bear has neither the smarts, nor the thumbs, to cook up his master some chicken soup.

So, Bryan had a four day weekend. Big deal. He works very hard and deserves a break, especially when he’s legitimately sick.

Lulu disagrees. She was giving him hell the past two days for staying home, even telling him to man up and get into work! Come Wednesday (today)… where’s Lulu? Oh, she’s home sick.

Real nice, Lulu. You give poor Bryan the business for staying home… and then stay home yourself – with Mommy and Daddy?! Not cool.

Here’s Bryan & Lala with some words for Lulu…

Do you have a co-worker or sibling/family member who loves to call you out for things – and then does the SAME EXACT THING? Sound off in the comments section below!

–Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

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