Are You The Smartest Person In NY? Bus Strike, Taylor Swift & American Idol

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All week long on ‘Ty Loves NY’, the crew has been handing out tickets to the Handbag Happy Hour that Ty, Lulu and Lala will be hosting on February 7th. But there was one small catch in order to win them: You have to prove that you are the Smartest Person In NY! Answer five questions right, and those tickets are yours! Sounds easy, right? Ty makes it just a bit difficult! You gotta work for those tickets!

On this morning’s show Rafa was back for her second day as reigning champ. Ty made the questions just a BIT harder to try and knock her down.

But first Eileen was up to try and steal that crown away, and take those tickets for the Handbag Happy Hour. Find out which lucky person won:

Can you be able to get all five right?

Try them out for size below:

1. What singing competition returns to television tonight with three brand new judges?

2. Taylor Swift put this Silver Linings Playbook in her sights, but was turned down at the Golden Globes?

3. This former Two And A Half Men star just announced he is going to be a grandfather?

4. This former Spice Girl and soccer player husband are returning their family to London so that she can focus on her fashion career?

5. Why are many parents putting their kids in cabs, trains and roller blades this morning?


1. American Idol

2. Bradley Cooper

3. Charlie Sheen

4. Victoria Beckham

5. NY Bus Strike

Did you get them right? Rafa was able to get 4 out of 5 correct AGAIN. If you feel you’re the Smartest Person in NYC, try competing on Ty Loves NY at 6AM-10AM weekdays on 92.3NOW!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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