Charli XCX Loads Bullets With Lipstick In Sexy New Video For “You (Ha Ha Ha)”

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Courtesy Charlie XCX

Courtesy Charlie XCX

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Born Charlotte Aitchison, the British 20-year-old has been making waves in the UK music scene as Charli XCX since her parents funded her first album at 14.

After releasing a smorgasbord of singles, EPs and mixtapes, the singer was recently asked how she liked her music being called “Tumbler-Wave.” Confessing her obsession over the popular blog-sharing site and its endless supply of animated gifs, she laughs, telling The Guardian, “Oh my goodness… TumblerWave, it sounds so hipster doesn’t it. At the end of the day, I wanna make a pop record. I don’t wanna be cool and sh**.”

Only a month after Charli XCX released her black and white video for “Cloud Aura,” she’s launched a follow up with “You (Ha Ha Ha).” The video follows the brightly outfitted singer bouncing through a gun factory, loading gun shells, trading the lead tips for lipstick. Just today the singer issues a statement via Twitter regarding the video’s theme.

…The video pays homage to the grindhouse genre as well as some of my favorite movie characters. I wanted to create a kick ass girl power setting for my own grindhouse pop video, with cats, colour + lipstick.

The idea is to make lipstick, not war, but I’d like to say sorry if anyone has mistaken this video for advocating violence. I’m swapping bullets for lipstick + firing out shots of love with my kick ass girl gang from outerspace! Remember u can pre-order the song now + download on Feb. 10th XCX

Charli explains her dream has always been “to make a proper album that kids would go and buy in a record shop and hold it and put the artwork on their wall. That’s what I did when I was younger.”

Charli XCX is expected to release her first full length album this February via I Am Sound Records.


Charli XCX is also featured in the hot Icona Pop song “I Love It.”

–Jay Tilles,


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