Ty Proposed To His Girlfriend Corri!

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Ty Bentli

Ty Bentli

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First of all, my mom (probably correctly) encouraged me to re-think posting this video… because it is so special to me and she doesn’t want it to be ruined by people picking it apart.

This is a video that I’ve been putting together for months, knowing I wanted to piece together these moments to play for Corri as I was proposing to her. Corri had NO idea that I was even considering a proposal…I had no doubt.

I was really hesitant about playing this video for purposes of it being a private moment between me and Corri, but after Lulu and Lala twisted my arm I figured it would be best to ask my fiance first!


Thank you for coming to check out this video – it was something I made for my fiancé and was completely nervous to share with anyone else… but Corri was excited to show people (I think it’s because the video really did express that I LOVE her completely), so we put it up with the side note that it would only be around for a limited time, because I really did make it for Corri. 

I want it to be hers, privately, and not just floating around on the internet somewhere.

The web department wanted me to keep it around, but were nice enough to understand that this was a personal thing for us.  If you REALLY want to see it, catch me at the club when I’m throwing a party, or anyplace I pop up at, and I might have it on my phone.  Although I get a little emotional in the video and would rather not be standing right there while you watch how Corri turns me into mush.  –Ty

What people who aren’t Corri probably need to know:

When it started: The first video I made was from right after Corri told me she was moving from Los Angeles to New York (which immediately made me more comfortable getting excited to propose to her…because we are really able to create a life together)

Where it goes: In between the news that she was moving here and that first engagement video that I shot, we found out we are also LITERALLY creating a life together…and that baby boy is due in June.  That kiddo is currently referred to as “Batman”

Why is Ty calling her “Smarty Pants?”: I was in Central Park when I called her to confirm the place she loved most in NYC…a question she was eluding repeatedly during the 10-minute call

When did Corri see this?  Sunday evening, after dinner…I casually walked her to Central Park…where she was sitting in the very bench in this video, as she watched the video. When it ends… I was on my knee.

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