Dirty On The 30: Dina Lohan’s Shocking Allegations, Bieber’s Pot Scandal & Kim K Declines $3Mil! (Video)

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Another day, another pile of celebrity dirt! It’s time to catch you up on all the celebrity gossip first thing in the AM so you can be in the know before all of your friends!

Today we’ve got the latest dirt on Bieber and the scandal that shook the internet over the weekend. Plus Lindsay Lohan‘s mother Dina reveals the reason why LiLo is messed up, and Blue Ivy has quite a pad for herself at Barclay’s Center!

Let’s get it started!

Dina Lohan Blames Shocking Sex Abuse For Lindsay’s Behavior

Another week, another crazy Lindsay Lohan story! This time around it doesn’t involve a drunken escapade in NYC, or a DUI in Los Angeles. Instead, this one comes straight from the lady who birthed her: Dina Lohan.

According to NY Daily News, Dina is claiming that “Lindsay saw her dad abuse me — that’s why she’s so screwed up.”

Lilo apparently grew up in a household in which Michael beat Dina, and sexually abused her: “Michael beat the hell out of me. She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems,” said Dina.

While no child deserves to witness something so traumatic, it doesn’t exactly help Dina’s cause for what happened during New Year’s Eve. The two partied it up in London, where they both looked disheveled.

So all in all, Dina who is supposed to be the mother and the ROLE MODEL for her daughter(s), she is instead fueling that fire of destruction.  This family just needs to DISAPPEAR!!

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Miguel Cotto v Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Justin Bieber Photographed Smoking Weed, Apologizes

It was a long weekend for everyone in the Justin Bieber camp. After TMZ published pictures of Justin Bieber smoking what appears to be marijuana, the 18-year-old singer apologized to his fan base (mostly young) via Twitter the following day.

Though Bieber is taking the high road by owning up to his indiscretion, behind the scenes, his team “isn’t happy about those photos. They are grilling security about who could have taken them.”

But the real question about this photo that leaked is “where the heck was his security?!” It’s been said that every time Bieber holds a party, the attendees are told that every picture they take is not THEIR property, but instead Bieber’s.

Apparently his security didn’t do their job. So who got fired!? One might question the group of friends that Bieber surrounds himself with. Sure he has celebrity friends, celebrity hook-ups and access to anything he desires. But it’s the people he surrounds himself with that help shape who he is.

To add insult to injury this past week,  JB and Selena Gomez split for the umpteenth time and there was a Paparazzi related accident involving his car (sadly the pap died in the accident).

Baby-Blue-IvyBlue Ivy Has $1 Million Nursery At Barclay’s Center, Officially Most Spoiled

Jay-Z and Beyonce are renting a nursery suite for their daughter Blue Ivy Carter at Barclays Center for $1M a year. The spoiled baby will reportedly stay in the suite, which is filled with toys, glass decorations and flat screen TVs, whenever Jay-Z performs on stage, or is watching a game.

This isn’t the first luxury item for Blue Ivy, when the one-year-old was just five days old, the couple bought her a $21,000 crib.

Maybe the couple are making up for the fact that they named their daughter with the “Worst Baby Name of 2012″.

(Photo credit: Kavork Djansezian/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Kavork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian/Kanye West Decline $3 Million Baby Photo Offer

Either Kim is trying to make a statement that she doesn’t want to sell her baby photos, or she is holding off for more money, but it turns out the new couple has turned down an offer for $3 million!

That’s not chump change! But when it comes to Kim K, she’s always looking for more money. Take a look at some of the past celebrity baby photo pay days courtesy of TMZ:

Kicking it off, Brad & Angelina received $4.1 million for Shiloh and$14 million for the twins

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This just might be the reason why Kanye is declining the offer right now. Give it until just before the pregnancy, and their offer will more than likely be over $5 mil. You think?

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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