Blue Ivy Has $1 Million Nursery At Barclay’s Center, Officially Most Spoiled Celebaby

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(Photo Credit: Stan Honda/ Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Stan Honda/ Getty Images)

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Color Blue Ivy the most pampered celebaby in NYC!

Jay-Z and Beyonce are reportedly renting a nursery suite for their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, at the new Barclays Center for a whopping $1 million a year.

The spoiled baby will reportedly stay in the suite which is filled with toys, glass decorations and flat screen TVs, whenever Jay-Z performs on stage or is in the venue watching an event.

This, by far, is not the first luxury item showered unto Baby Blue Ivy. When the one-year-old was just five days old, the couple bought her a $21,000 crib as well as a $16,000 high chair lined with Swarovski crystals.

Maybe the couple are just making up for the fact that they seem to have inadvertently named their daughter one of the “Worst Baby Names of 2012″ - or maybe she’s just their little princess!

Blue Ivy’s famous parents, Beyonce at 31-years-old and Jay-Z at 43, are situated at the very top of the highest earning celebrities list. Beyonce is reportedly worth around $300 million due to her early singing career with the hit female pop group Destiny’s Child, her solo singing and acting careers, clothing and fragrance lines and numerous investments.

Jay-Z is said to be worth $450 million due to his own incredibly successful recording career, clothing companies and numerous other investments – one being part ownership in the newly renamed Brooklyn Nets.

–Bryan Carstensen & Joe Cingrana, CBS Local

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