When It Comes To Dating, How Expensive Are You Willing To Go?

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Over the holiday weekend, the entire Ty Loves NY morning crew got together to catch up on our vacations, but to also try our hand at ice skating at Rockefeller Center! It’s something that we’ve all wanted to do, but had yet to try. So we gathered our significant others, bought VIP tickets for the rink, and hit the ice! However, it turns out Ty spent more on that date night with Corri than he’s ever spent on a date in his life!

Between the VIP tickets, dinner and also a Broadway show, he spent over $600 on one date! It might sound like Ty is a major baller, but he even admitted he went a bit overboard on his credit card.

Listen as Ty and Lulu y Lala talk about their most expensive dates:

So with Ty spending over $600 on his date with Corri, and the twins nearing about $200 on theirs with their significant others, how much do you think is an expensive amount to spend on a date?

We took to the phones to find out some ridiculous amounts on today’s Ty Loves NY:

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‘Ty Loves NY’ Hits Up Rockefeller Plaza – ICE SKATING!

How much would YOU spend on your significant other? Do you think Ty’s $600 was way over the limit? He would be satisfied going to Applebee’s and spending $40-50 on Corri. Tell us all about your expensive dates in the comments below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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