5 Great Things You Can Do With a Free $500 From 92.3 NOW

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I really shouldn’t need to tell you how to spend this Free Money NOW but, believe it or not, when folks call up and I ask them how they’re going to spend the $500 if they win, they have no clue.

The obvious way to spend it is pay some bills or pay off your “Hurricane Sandy Loan.” But just in case you do need some help I’ve come up with 5 great ways for you to spend those hundreds:

1. Give To Those In Need

Tons of people are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. If you win 500 bucks today you can spend 300 on you and donate the rest to those in need. For a list of local charities hit up nycharities.org.

2. Going Back To School

For the longest time you’ve been wanting to get back to school, or even go for the first time. Since CUNY schools are only $230 per credit. $500 gets you two credits, which is two steps closer to getting your degree!

3. Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada…

Before Carrie (a la Sex and the City) became an author and married Mr. Big, she was the queen of consignment shopping. I love and live in Eva Gentry (in Brooklyn) and Second Chance Designer (in SOHO). I got my first Chanel dress and Prada shirt for $150 at a consignment shop. You win this $500 and you can be just as fly as Ms. Bradshaw… or maybe even flyer!

4. Savings Account

For some reason people nowadays believe having a savings account is overrated. I’m here to tell you no, it ain’t. My car broke down three times last year and if it wasn’t for my savings, I’d have holes in my Louboutins!

5. Staycation

$500 can be a nice down payment for a trip to Miami, the Bahamas or Puerto Rico. Or $500 bucks can get you a nice weekend staycation at Mohegan Sun, the W in Hoboken or the Harlem Victorian Bed and Breakfast.

However you spend this 500 is your business I just want to make sure you win it!!! Tune in Monday-Friday for your Free Money NOW - $500 4 times a day @ 7:07, 11:07, 3:07 & 5:07!

–Eutopia, 92.3 NOW

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