Olly Murs Says “Troublemaker” Is About The Games Guys & Girls Play

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(Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

(Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

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Following a successful 2012, Olly Murs’ latest single seems to paint him as a troublemaker, but Olly assures us this isn’t the case.

“The song ‘Troublemaker’ isn’t really what I’m like,” he told CBS Local. “The song is about what a girl is like in my life. I could probably be a bit of a troublemaker when I want to be. I’m a bit cheeky. I’ve never really gotten into too much trouble with the police or anything so I’m quite a good boy.”

The self-proclaimed “good boy” reveals that the song is about wanting to be with someone who is always playing games.

“There’s always that person in your life that you really really fancy, you really like, you really want to be with but they’re never quite into you and they cause lots of trouble,” he said. “Eventually hopefully they end up thinking, ‘Well, I do fancy you really.’ I think girls and guys like to play games with each other all the time and that’s what the song is about.”

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local

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