Zann’s Viral Video Infection: 10 Year Old Plays Drums On Washing Machine

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Washing Machine
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There is something in the water these days, I tell ya. I wish there had been something in the water when I was 10. If there had been, maybe I would’ve cured some foreign viral strand out there… but there wasn’t so here I am.

I like math though!

Anyway, every time I turn around there is some genius child out there that comes out with some cool talent or gimmick….and then it’s on YouTube and we’re all “wowowowowowow! this is really happening?!”

Yes it is. But that’s because there was nothing in the water when we were growing up. That’s why we are shocked.

When you generally think of a washing machine, you think of dread and you weigh your options… should I tackle this beast myself or just leave my dirty granny panties with the laundromat owner to do it for me? I usually tackle the machine… I have issues with people touching my granny panties.

THIS kid however, decided to turn his parent’s washing machine into a drum set. Can you blame the kid? They probably said to him, “NO! You can not have a drum set! Now go wash the clothes!”

He showed them, didn’t he?

–Zann, 92.3 NOW

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