Zann Seeks Man Before World Ends Via Craigslist

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I’ve done a lot in life, granted there are many things that I haven’t done yet…

Like I’ve always wanted to scale the Empire State Building before the world came halting to a stop. But I’ve counted the things I’ve done already despite not doing that and I’m pretty pleased.

Something about Mayans and mice and Jesus and the world coming to an end that gets me thinking if there is one thing I haven’t done in this lifetime that I wish I could accomplish before things get crazy and zombies start eating my brains, it would be finding a man.

I’ve dated a lot of men. I make Taylor Swift look like the holy one, but none of them have ever caught my heart.

I decided to do what any reasonable human being would do 24 hours before the world comes to an end, I reached out for love on Craigslist. Seems reliable enough right?

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Some of the qualities I list as desirable are:

  • I know the difference between sweatpants you wear at home and ones you wear to work.
  • I have no filter.
  • I enjoy short walks on the beach.
  • I wear flip flops year round. I feel like shoes make me look fat.
  • I like to twerk it after a few cranberry and vodkas.

Wish me luck on finding true love in 24 hours!

-Zann, 92.3 NOW/NYC

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