It’s The End Of the World! One Final Song To Face The Rapture

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Sorry to be the one to tell you if you haven’t already heard; we’re all going to die tomorrow.

We could have been prepared if we listened to an ancient civilization who couldn’t invent the wheel but somehow figured out that carving still beating hearts out of the masses would bring about a bountiful harvest. But alas, we didn’t listen. We kept on party rockin’ and now it’s countdown to D-Day.

We know, as music lovers just like yourselves, you’ll be humming something while the sky falls around you…

We asked the 92.3 NOW staff: What is the ONE song – ONE SONG – that you would choose as your soundtrack to the apocalypse? You have only ONE song to listen to while you face the divine rapture (apparently it happens faster than you’d expect) – what would it be and WHY?

Here’s what everyone had to say:

Ty Bentli

Ty Bentli

Ty Bentli
Mornings on 92.3 NOW

“Hoodies on Hats Low” by FreeSol ‘cuz that song’s filthy – why would I want to go out to a song that I didn’t love!? Also, I like that it tells me how to dress – except it doesn’t mention pants. It’s likely I won’t be wearing pants when the world ends!

Lulu y Lala

Lulu y Lala

Lulu y Lala
Ty Loves NY Morning Show on 92.3 NOW

“That’s easy! I (Lala) would want to be listening to the soundtrack to Tiny Tunes Adventures, the cartoon. Why? Well, if the world is gonna end then I want to leave this world with great memories. Tiny Tunes reminds me of my childhood and how much fun I had as a kid. It was a time in my life where I didn’t have to worry about stupid school loans, taxes, bills and diseases. I can just be a kid and get lost in my imagination. So, as the world ends, I’ll be imagining that I’m really off to go see a new magical world. I know my answer is weird but then again I’m kinda weird – A kid at heart and a little looney!!!”

“Good question! I (Lulu) would go with Green Day’s ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).’ Awesome freaking song and it just makes sense to reflect back on life. I’d probably rock out with leather pants, have my make up like the band, and I’d be holding up a guitar (which I don’t know how to play) and yelling hell yea (I’d probably be saying other words that are not appropriate to write in this post lol)! Total badass!!!

Micki Gamez

Micki Gamez

Micki Gamez
Weekdays on 92.3 NOW

“‘Live Wire’ by Motley Crüe because the rapture would happen fast and my adrenaline would be spiraling through my body and I would wanna go out with a bang!!! Peace Out!”

toro Its The End Of the World! One Final Song To Face The Rapture

DJ Toro

DJ Toro
Weekdays/Resident Mixer @ 92.3 NOW

“Anything dubstep! And I mean HARD CORE dub step I will be blasting it on a radio pointed towards the sky so we can contact the Transformers that are helping other galaxies, to come help us!”

eutopia1 Its The End Of the World! One Final Song To Face The Rapture


Weekdays on 92.3 NOW

“Linkin Park – ‘In The End’ – Not only is it a kick ass song but the lyrics would mos def ring true for me if this is truly the end. I tried so hard at everything (getting a degree plus building my fab shoe collection) but I can’t take any of it with me. Maybe the Louboutins!”

92.3 NOW's Zann

92.3 NOW’s Zann

Weekdays on 92.3 NOW

Miley Cyrus‘ Party in the USA! For some reason, this song has been stuck in my head all day. I imagine it will carry on through tomorrow. Sadly, this is how I’m going out.

Ben Harvey

Ben Harvey

Ben Harvey
Weekends on 92.3 NOW

“I’d choose ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic. ‘You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here’ seems like an appropriately confusing lyric to ponder as we exit this world. Plus I plan to go out with a cocktail in hand.”

Sasha - Weekends On 92.3 NOW


Weekends on 92.3 NOW:

“My choice in End of Days music varies, ’cause I love all the music. But if I had to choose one, it would be “Risen From Darkness” by Hans Zimmer. It’s the bonus track on The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack. I feel like while the dark smoke chases me through the tunnels and the rain of fire falls down around me, I can run without fear for The Dark Knight has my backsicles!”



Weekends on 92.3 NOW

“Life Is Beautiful” by Vega4. It was our wedding song and it makes me tear up almost every time.

“Life Is beautiful, But it’s complicated, We barely make it. We don’t need to understand. There are miracles. Miracles. Stand where you are. We let all these moments pass us by.”

I’m a sap. And it’s true. Life is beautiful. And it’s f’in complicated, but there are miracles!

kthxbye Its The End Of the World! One Final Song To Face The Rapture

92.3 NOW Staff Who Will Be Sorely Missed By the Survivors:

92.3 NOW Morning Show Producer

“The easiest answer has to be ‘It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ by REM. I’m pretty sure it is exactly how I will feel about the whole thing. “I feel fine!” I’m sure everyone is going to be all good too!”

Sexy Pants (Steve)
Producer @ 92.3 NOW

“I would have to say ‘Whoomp There It Is’ by Tag Team because I really don’t believe that we’re all dying. But if something does happen, those are the first words coming out of my mouth! ‘WHOOMPP THERE IT IS!!!!’”

La Chica Bomba
Producer @ 92.3 NOW

“Whitney Houston’s ‘Your Love Is My Love’ because “if tomorrow is Judgement Day and I’m standin’ on the front line and the Lord asks me what I did with my life I will say I spent it with you (all of you).” Ok thanks! Now you guys made my mascara run!”

Bryan C.
Phone Screener/Content Producer @ 92.3 NOW

“I’d totally listen to Britney Spears’ ‘Oops..I Did It Again.’ Because how often have we been told the world was going to end? But oops, we just happen to believe it… again! The end of the world wouldn’t be complete without dancing to this song in Zann’s apartment while chowing down on heart shaped pizzas.”

T. Storm
92.3 NOW Imaging Director

“I would have to go ole skool and choose ‘Poison’ by Bell Biv Devoe because there’s no true-er statement than “never trust a big butt and a smile.” And the thought and memories of big butts past would keep a smile on my face as the earth burned around me!”

92.3 NOW Production Director

“Ben Lee’s ‘We’re All In this Together’ – Because there are a lot of great memories of my friends and I listening to Ben Lee during college, plus add in the lyrics, it would be a reassuring and comforting song to go out to… it would make me smile before ya know, self destructing. Plus, any song that ends with group singing and clapping is a good choice for anything really.”

92.3 NOW Marketing Director

Okay, don’t laugh…but New Kids on the Block’s ‘Hangin’ Tough’ …yes because I can hear Donnie Wahlberg on my way out… and remember I never met him!

Lauren M.
92.3 Promotions Manager

“Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ because I wanted that song to be playing on my wedding day when I was stepping out of my lambo door limo with my hunnie. Yup… It’s the end of the world, and I never even got engaged yet. Way to go hunnie! Might as well hear it on my way out!”

Pamela S.
92.3 NOW Marketing Coordinator

The last mega-hit from Pootie Tang called “_____!” Nuff said!

Joe C./Managing Editor

“I chose Sunny Day Real Estate’s ‘Sometimes’ because, well, I’m a sappy ‘90s emo nerd and I guess I want to go out crying into my sweater. Oh wait… maybe Grimes. I’m loving me some Grimes lately! I think ‘Oblivion’ would the one. ‘I need someone now to look into my eyes and tell me girl you know you gotta watch your health!”

E.J. /Content Guru & .Gif Maker (see above)

“I think mine would be Van Morrison’s ‘Everyone’ because it closes one of my favorite movies (The Royal Tenenbaums). My father also really likes Van Morrison and I think he would find my choice… most satisfactory.”

Maria B./Digital Intern

“I’d pick Swedish House Mafia‘s ‘Save The World’ because I just got through finals and I’m not ready to have this all be over so soon. I haven’t even found a job yet and the world is over!?! Thanks Mayans!”

Vincent R./Digital Intern

“‘Dammit’ from Blink 182 because it’s the first song I ever heard from what is now my favorite group. Plus, I’m pretty sure there will be an echoing chorus of ‘DAMMIT’s’ when the Earth starts swallowing us whole! ‘Well, I guess this is growing up!”

Lincoln R.
92.3 NOW Street Team

“‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ by Kanye West because no one has ever told me what I couldn’t do and I do everything by myself so no one can tell me nothing!!”

Jenny L.
Graphic Designer for CBS Radio

“I was going to say ‘We Will Become Silhouettes’ by The Postal Service, but it’s too depressing. I would definitely listen to ‘The Motto’ by Drake on repeat. That song would get me excited to do all the crazy things I didn’t have a chance to do yet! Gotta run, I’m meeting my friends to walk over the Brooklyn bridge then go skydiving while blindfolded. YOLO.”

Hector L.
IT Administrator

“It’s gotta be Poppa Don’s (aka the Ox) ‘The Prayer’ only because it calms me down. I can sit back, expect the worst and ride this b***h in!”

What song would YOU choose as the last song to listen to before it all goes boom? Let us know in the comments section below… BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


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