Jeff Musial Helps Ty Bentli With His Fear Of Snakes… Kind Of!

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Ty has three fears in life: regret, sharks and snakes. This morning on Ty Loves NY, Jeff Musial (@JeffAnimalGuy), who has appeared numerous times on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, joined the morning show to help Ty with one of those three fears: snakes! Did Ty overcome it? Or did his OCD issues come into play, forcing his to wuss out and run out of the studio?

As Ty was prepping mentally to get his snake fear over with, he decided to share his list of repercussions after he touches this snake today:

1) It’s going to make me wish I were flying back to South Dakota – as far away from that snake as possible!

2) Even though she’s been out of town for three weeks, I’m not going to want Corri to touch me today — like I have cooties + she could give them back to me tomorrow.

3) I’m going to have nightmares for at LEAST 3 days — if I can even sleep.

4) I’m going to untuck ALL the sheets + double check in my bed EVERY night for at least a month.

Jeff Musial brought in the snake for Ty, and let’s just say he freaked OUT! There was a couple choice words said, but all in all, Ty acted like a wuss. Did he run out of the studio though?

Ty managed to take on his fear, but I don’t think it’s completely cured. There are just some things that will never be solved..snakes is one of them!

Jeff Musial can be seen TONIGHT (December 19th) on Jimmy Fallon, where he’s showing off some of his pets from Nickel City Reptiles And Exotics (NCRE)- Buffalo, NY. Don’t forget to add Jeff on Twitter @JeffAnimalGuy.

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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