Hero Kaitlin Roig, Teacher At Sandy Hook Elementary Saves 15 Students: Watch Interview Here!

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Every year Americans head to the theater to watch their favorite superheroes. Whether it be Batman, The Avengers or even X Men, people cling to the idea that their super heroes will save the world, and they are willing to throw down the money to do so.

There is no such thing as a real life Batman. You will never see a man in a cape flying through the air like Super Man. There is no such thing as a big green man with a bad temper. Instead there are other forms of super heroes found . In this case, a real life super hero can be found in the form of a teacher by the name of Kaitlin Roig.

Roig, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, will forever be changed by the events that unfolded last week Friday. When the shooting began, the first-grade teacher quickly moved her 15 students into the classroom closet and urged them to be quiet.

Diane Sawyer was able to interview the young teacher, where she not only talked about her role as being a teacher, but what she felt she needed to do to keep those 15 young kids alive.

Newtown saw quite a few heroes during the shooting. This is just one of those stories…

So as you head to the theater to catch your latest super hero battle the forces of evil, think about the real life heroes in Newtown, Connecticut. Their act of courage and selflessness will forever be remembered.

Want to make a difference yourself?

As some of our kids are looking for ways to process this story, and looking for a way to feel they are making a difference, I’ve suggested to parents and teachers that they have their kids draw a picture. I’m collecting those pictures here at the station, and then we will be taking them to Newtown. Anyone who wants to get them to us, we’ll include them in the trip. Details HERE.

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