After Mourning, How To Move On From The Newton, Connecticut Shootings

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Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

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It was a long weekend full of endless media coverage and constant chatter about the deaths of the innocent 26 people in Newton, Connecticut on Friday. Everywhere you turned there was coverage on CNN, FOX News, and even your local news station. So as the days pass on, the names won’t be forgotten, the city will be forever remembered, but what about the level of stress that a family has to deal with coping after an event like this? And what would make someone commit one of the worst school shootings in our history?

Therapist Nell Gibbon took the time to call in to Ty Loves NY to talk about the stress parents feel as their kids have to deal with seeing the images and comments about disasters such as Sandy Hook.

When talking to their children, Nell advises that parents be somewhat open and candid about their feelings: “When I had this conversation with my child last night I said ‘You know, this is the kind of conversation Mommy doesn’t want to have with you..but I have to tell you something really horrible, and I don’t know how to do it.’”

Regardless of the fact you think your kids won’t know about it, they will more than likely hear about it at school. So it’s best to be prepared, especially since they are curious at a young age.

“You take a lot of deep breaths. Slow the conversation down a bit, and control the words that come out of your mouth.”

With the outbreak of so many shootings over the past couple of years, people are starting to wonder what is making people go to the extreme of feeling the need to shoot up schools, malls and churches.

Warning signs: “If people have younger children or young adults in there lives, there are warning signs to look out for. Burning yourself is another term seen as cutting. If you seen a young adult doing that, that is a form of relieving pain that they feel inside. You have to take what happens with that person very seriously.”

“We always talk about someone having a psychiatric break from reality…it’s really not a break, it’s a slip. People go in and out of reality as they are declining from their health. So we might see people functioning in life, but they be really paranoid at the same time. So it’s important to look for signs of them hearing or seeing things that no one else is hearing. Take them into a hospital, that is ok.”

To get more information about Nell Gibbon, head to her website here. For moore helpful information which lists some good tips for parents head here.

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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