92.3 NOW DJs React To CT School Shooting

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Photo by Douglas Healey/Getty Images

Photo by Douglas Healey/Getty Images

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As the immediate families, along with the rest of the world, deal with another horrific school tragedy, CBS Radio and 92.3 NOW are bringing you continued coverage and up to the minute details as they arrive.

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Here are some of the 92.3 NOW DJs with their initial reactions to the terrible news:

92.3 NOW's Ty Bentli

92.3 NOW’s Ty Bentli

Ty Bentli:

“On Monday, we’ll have a experts on my show to talk about what to tell your children about this situation and how parents can cope with sending their kids to school Monday morning. Also, there wil be discussions with teachers and parents about life in our communities around NYC following this disgusting event.”

92.3 NOW's Micki Gamez

92.3 NOW’s Micki Gamez

Micki Gamez:

“I was napping when I heard the story and woke to such horrifying news. I started crying when the news reported that children were involved. I agree with our President and I am going to paraphrase this, today we lost our children. Not just the children of Newtown, Connecticut. My heart and prayers are going out to everyone who involved. Love each other. I am going to pray for PEACE!”

92.3 NOW's Zann

92.3 NOW’s Zann


“As a friend to many parents and as a woman that someday would like to have children, I still can’t even begin to fathom how the families of these children and the community as a whole are feeling in this moment of loss. What I do know is that if what I’m feeling is only a minute fraction of what they are feeling… they must be grieving deeply. I live in an ideal world where I believe this violence can be stopped. Sandy Hook Elementary in this time of loss, please know you do not grieve alone. There is nothing I can do to bring back the little ones you lost… my heart hurts for you.”

92.3 NOW's Sasha

92.3 NOW’s Sasha


“My thoughts and prayers are sent to Sandy Hook Elementary. This will pass, I promise. Newtown, come together and stay strong. My heart hurts and goes out to the victims’ families. Be well, be strong and you WILL be ok. Everyone, hug your loved ones! Tell them you love them!”

eutopia1 92.3 NOW DJs React To CT School ShootingEutopia:

“I still don’t understand what happened in Newton today and I never will. I totally agree with President Obama… hug your children, mother, father, niece, nephew, cousin or whomever you love tonight. I send my prayers and condolences to all the victims of this tragedy. Love heals all things. Peace!!!”

DJ Toro:

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