Take A HoliDATE With Sasha In NYC

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Photo KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

Photo KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

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Yay, holiday time in the city! More like HoliDATE time, amirite?

I’m going to do you a favor and plan a nice holiday themed date for you and your love nugget. I’m going to take away the grumpy pants, the traffic and the cold that comes with NYC and give you some tips on where to go and how to stay warm!

Well there will be cold here and there, I mean I’m not a miracle worker. It’s winter, sillies!

Put on your walking shoesicles cause it’s time to see NYC at its finest; during the holidays there is nothing like it. We’re going to skip the Rockettes, the big a$$ tree and Macy’s Santa Clause. You already know all about that jazzercise.

Let’s begin at Central Park and take it from there shall we?

I’m seeing you and your boo walking through the park  with your pretty scarves, mittens and heavy coats enjoying the scenery. Then suddenly, you spot one of those cute little rickshaw bike dudes; a great option if you don’t want to tour  the whole park in a horse drawn carriage. Plus a little resticles for your legs while a young fellow takes you to your destination is always nice.

“Hey bro, happy holidays! Take us to the Columbus Circle Holiday Market!” you’ll say to him.

On the way, you’ll get a little scenic tour of the park and you’ll give each other eskimo kisses to keep warm.

When you get to the market, you’ll find that there are so many good things to eat and some decent shopping too. You’ll grab a gingerbread man with some free warm apple cider for you and your love bunny. Then you’ll walk along fifth avenue to look at all the decorated buildings and store fronts.

Once you get your hunger on, you’ll want to stop and grab a nice delicious savory, maybe chocolatey, bite to eat. Everyone wants chocolate (all the time) during the holidays.

By this time, you’ll have walked quite a bit so you’ll want somewhere to sit. And probably you’ll have to use the bathroom cause of that warm apple cider. I recommend going to Max Brenner in Union Square for a sweet dinner. Don’t forget to take a couple of his rich hot chocolates to go for the trip back home.

If you’re dying to see a beautiful christmas tree, the one in Union Square park is spectacular!  Take a hold of your loveafluffagus and give him/her a big old sloppy holiday kiss! Feel the holiday magic of NYC take hold of you both as you soar with tidings of comfort and joy!

-Sasha, 92.3 NOW/NYC

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