The Top Ten List Of The Most Ridiculous World Records… Ever!

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Every year there is always something weird that makes the headlines and it usually involves breaking world records. Whether it’s the highest pool dive on record, or the world’s largest pumpkin found in Rhode Island, people love to try and outdo each other.

So what are some of the most outrageous world records that exist? According to, these are the ten most RIDICULOUS:

10. “The Hardest Kick To The Groin” Record

How much punishment can the human body withstand? Apparently a lot! Take a look at this guy who puts his manhood to the test. Why? To break a world record of course!

9. “The Highest Blood Alcohol Content” Record Goes To..

Lindsay Lohan Booking Photo

Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via Getty Images

OK, so the title doesn’t BELONG to Lindsay Lohan, but you get the picture.

The record for the highest level of Blood Alcohol Level belongs to a man in Poland, who crashed into a tree back in 1995. When tested, his BAC was 1.48%. Death is possible at about 0.3%, while 0.08% is the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle in the United States. To top it off, death is likely after 0.5% BAC. He ended up dying, but not from alcohol poisoning; instead the car crash is what did him in.

8. “Highest Pool Dive” Record

Yes, there is SUCH a record! America’s Got Talent, what?

7. “Heaviest Car Balancing Act” Record

A fan, disguised as Superman character,


This is something straight out of Super-Man comic book. One man (named John Evans) from England has broken the record multiple times, for balancing an actual car over his head! His record? John held a 352 pound car over his head over 33 seconds. And what have you done today?

6. “Fastest Weight Loss” Record

Lulu y Lala Do Zumba @ LA Fitness Grand Opening In Yonkers, NY

Lulu y Lala, 92.3 NOW

One woman smashed records for her dramatic weight loss in just three years. Rosalie Bradford shed 917 pounds, 420 of that within just one year. She began her diet and exercise regimen according to Richard Simmons, and at the time she weighed 1,199 pounds. When she finally reached the much slimmer weight of 282 pounds, she passed away. Sadly, her heart just couldn’t handle the damage that was already done, on top of the dramatic weight loss Rosalie had to go through.

5. “Fastest Weight Gained” Record


Getty Images

One of the most disturbing record comes from a woman in New Jersey. Chalk this up to another win for them! Back in 2010, Donna Simpson set up a website where she would charge people money in exchange for watching her eat food live on webcam.

She was determined to become the world’s heaviest woman in two years, so she ate 20,000 a day. At 602 pounds, Donna was hoping to achieve her goal of over 1,000 pounds. Little did she know how expensive it is to continuously eat junk food. Since 2011, Donna has given up the plan; I think it’s because no one was offering to charge someone to watch them eat. If they really wanted that, just go to a local diner in Jersey!

4. “Most Lighted Fireworks Strapped To The Body” Record

Sometimes people try to break records because they absolutely have nothing better to do with their lives. Case in point Todd DeFazio. Back in July 2010 FaDazio lit up the sky, when he taped bottle rockets and roman candles, 15 total, around his clothed legs, chest, and bare head, and then had them all lighted at once.

He went unharmed, just lost a lot of money in the process. I don’t suppose he was a fan of Katy Perry’s Firework, eh?

Katy Perry "Firework"

Katy Perry “Firework”

3. “Farthest Distance Thrown From A Car” Record

370 1067634728488 5874 n The Top Ten List Of The Most Ridiculous World Records... Ever!


This record isn’t one that anyone would hope to achieve; in fact it’s a freak accident (literally)! While traveling 70 mph, Matthew McKnight found himself in the midst of a car accident, when his wheels were struck on the left side. After impact, Matthew was flown over the highway, over a wired fence, and into a cornfield. He broke basically every bone in his body, but ended up living. After 80 days in rehab and two weeks in a body cast, Matthew found out he was thrown 118 feet from the point of crash.

2. “Largest Airplane Eaten” Record

This next man who achieved this dumb record, not only has the stomach of steel but the teeth of a garbage truck! Michael Lolito ended up eating some interesting things in his life (light bulbs, razor blades, even glass bottles), but the feat of eating an airplane topped it all!

Back in the 90s Lolito tore apart a Cessa 150. Not only did he bite parts directly off of the plane, but he chewed and even swallowed them. Every single piece passed through his body (glass and metal), and he lived to tell the tale. Safe to say this guy’s teeth were grounded down to nubs. All in the sake for food, right?



1. “Most Live Rattlesnakes Held In Mouth” Record

Alice Cooper

Getty Images

Why is this the most ridiculous record ever held? Quite simply because this is CREEPY! Not only does Ty Bentli absolutely loathe snakes in pictures, but just the fact that one touches his skin, or even his mouth would probably make him pass out.

Jackie Bibby setting a world record of holding 13 rattlesnakes in his mouth at once, officially becoming the creepiest person on the planet.

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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