Dirty On The 30: Lindsay Lohan’s Ungrateful To Charlie Sheen, Ke$ha Wants To Be A Gay Man & Beyonce’s Pepsi Deal

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Another day, another pile of celebrity dirt! It’s time to catch you up on all the celebrity gossip first thing in the AM so you can be in the know before all of your friends!

Today we’ve got the latest dirt on Kesha and her love for the gays, the details on Beyonce’s massive Pepsi endorsement, and Lindsay Lohan proves just how ungrateful she really is.

Let’s get it started!

Charlie Sheen Claims Lindsay Never Thanked Him For Bailout

Lindsay Lohan is having an issue paying her rent AND her taxes, and the government isn’t bothering to care. So when her friend and co-worker (Scary Movie 5) Charlie Sheen bailed her out with $100,000, she never bothered to say “thank you”.

Hasn’t your mother ever showed you to manners, LiLo? Oh wait..this is Dina we are talking about. In that case, scratch that comment.

“I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘thank you,’” laughed Sheen. “Anything, you know?” Sheen knows a thing or two about being in trouble. He’s the biggest star to have a major meltdown as of late. But it looks like Lindsay is starting to follow his path.

To watch the interview with Sheen click here.

Gomillion & Leuopold via RCA Records

Credit: Gomillion & Leuopold via RCA Records

Ke$ha Wishes She Was A Gay Man

Kesha is trying to reach a big fan base, just as past pop idols have done (Madonna, Cher, Britney, etc): the gays!

In a new interview, K$ has admitted she wishes she was a gay man, because of their energy and “magical powers”. Yes, magical powers. I can’t make this up! Then again, this is coming from the same women who says she has had sex with a ghost.

In the interview she says this: “There’s just an energy to a gay man. It’s not really comparable to any other people. You guys just exude just this happiness. Pretty much my whole touring party, as far as, like, the dancers, it’s a lot of gay, beautiful, beautiful men. And they’re just gorgeous. And their love of life is amazing. They’re just, I don’t know, just really magical people.”

Kesha loves her unicorns, glitter and condoms..sounds fitting!



Beyonce’s Massive Deal With Pepsi

Beyonce has inked a deal with Pepsi to become its new “brand ambassador”,  an arrangement supposedly worth $50 million. She will become the face of Pepsi, appearing on soda cans and bottles and cardboard cutouts in stores. As if THAT wasn’t enough, Pepsi will also power an advertising campaign timed to coincide with the release of her new album next year.

Oh, and she’s performing at this coming Super Bowl 2013. It’s safe to say, 2013 might be owned by Beyonce!

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