Zann Celebrates 20 Years Of Texting By Giving Out Personal Number

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Yes, you read that clearly. Last week marked the 20th anniversary of the first text ever sent. That is a huge occasion. I thought for a couple of days how I wanted to celebrate.

I was on the D train looking at everybody getting reception while we were crossing over the BK bridge, hearing phones beep or ring. People are so INTO their phones. I think we all secretly wait on the D train for those bars to pop up when we begin to see sunlight. As I sat there looking at my phone to see if anybody had texted me, my heart sank because I didn’t hear from HIM agan. My mom didn’t even call to scream at me about random nonsense.

That’s when I decided, everybody seems to be texting away… I want YOU to text me.

I went in and talked to my boss, who was not pleased with what I wanted to do. My favorite line to use on him when I do something out of the ordinary is: You hired me BECAUSE I’m crazy… he had nothing to say to that, so he eventually allowed me to do it. As long as I promised to respond to EVERY text that came in. Maybe I’m naive, but I really didn’t expect to get many text messages. I can’t even get a guy that I actually met in person to text me.

So how many did I get? Um, try over 4,000!

And yes, if you were one of those people to text me, I definitely responded to EVERY text. If you listen to the audio here, you’ll snag the number again. No, I’ve not changed my number since. And yes, I still get texts, videos (of “things”) and pictures (of “things”).

Listen to me give out my number, read back texts and answer phone calls on my personal phone here:

Via Zannapooza on Instagram

Via Zannapooza on Instagram

I got a lot of marriage proposals. A lot of “I love 92.3!” which we appreciate so much. Trust me… we love you guys back. I even got one from a guy who said “You’re a fat b##ch”….aren’t you just a tough guy? Thank you for all the texts! Keep em coming!

–Zann, 92.3 NOW

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