Five Holiday Work Party No-Nos

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It’s totally okay to have a little fun this holiday season, but remember, your idea of fun may not be the same as your employers!

Luckily our holiday party here at 92.3 NOW happens during normal business hours and no alcohol is involved! Whew!

Otherwise, Zann and I would be in a lot of trouble!

With that said, here are five tips on how to make it through your company work party without any mishaps to ensure that you still have a job when you come back next year!

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5. Drink and be merry, but don’t lose your mind!

Everyone likes to knock a few back or sip on a cocktail (or two!), but don’t drink so much that you start giving your boss or the person who just got the promotion instead of you a piece of your mind. That’s a sure fire way to end up with a nice written notice from HR. It might even get you a pink slip!

So keep it to a two drink minimum if the party allows spirits!

4. When in Rome…

If your company party is at a restaurant or banquet hall and no one else is drinking, I would suggest you follow the rules of engagement. No drinks means that you are more than likely going to have to pay the tab for your drinks AND your boss might not like the fact that you are drinking when everyone else is having soda or tea.

Best advice, stick with the rest of the group and use your table manners!



3. Be Socially Responsible

Of course you can Facebook and Tweet that you’re at the company party! Even post pics of you and your assistant dancing, but please don’t go off on social media about how the company cut back; instead of having a five star buffet you guys are noshing on sandwiches. It’s not nice and someone may tell HR that you were bad mouthing the company publicly.

Also, don’t post pictures of the guy or girl at work who didn’t know when to say when, especially if they are making fools of themselves (however tempting it may be).

Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images

2. Get a room!

Don’t make out with the cute guy/girl in the mail room! It’s a sure fire way not to be invited to the party next year! Go missing for an hour and come back with your hair messed up or skirt on backwards and the office is going to talk! Also, keep in mind that extra curricular activities may even get documented in your file, meaning come evaluation time, you might not get that raise you have been vying for all year.

Best bet is to keep it in the pants and off of the office desk!

1. Last but not least, RSVP!

Go to your company holiday party! Don’t skip it just because you can’t bring a date! This could be your opportunity to talk to the boss one on one. Laugh and really get to know the people you work with on a day-to-day basis. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to close the party out, but at least stay for an hour and a half, make your rounds and then politely make your way out!

Have fun this holiday season! Don’t make an ass of yourself and remember to always have a designated driver!


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