Is Baby Makin’ Music Being Played Through Rihanna’s Speakers?

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(John Shearer/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation)

(John Shearer/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation)

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Rihanna knows how to do two things very well: turn out pop hits and stir up controversy.

Whether she’s bullying fans on Twitter or turning heads with her decision to back and forgive former heavy handed boyfriend Chris Brown, RiRi keeps it real.

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Now I swore the only thing I was going to talk about today was Stuff-A-Bus, but this is just too good to keep to myself…

Rihanna wants to have a baby!

That’s what I am hearing! According to sources at her label, she allegedly had a meeting with her team and asked them for some time off so she could plan for a baby.

Is that the big news Rihanna tweeted out yesterday?

With whom you ask? Is that question even necessary? Chris Brown, obviously!

I mean is the guy even fertile? I only ask because he instagrammed a picture of himself smoking three joints while in Amsterdam. Oh, it was clearly for medicinal purposes only. Riiiiight.

Back to business, baby! If Rihanna wants to start a family so badly she is going to have to wait, because according to her booking agency she is completely taken until 2014, including shows at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on May 4th and 5th in 2013. Hope the pee stick doesn’t turn blue anytime soon!

P.S. Rihanna has a new show coming to the Style Network!

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