Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Has Fans Searching For Clues, Walkers

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"Don't end up like this guy." - JOSEP LAGO/AFP/GettyImages

“Don’t end up like this guy.” – JOSEP LAGO/AFP/GettyImages

Vincent Roszkowski
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Over the past two and a half seasons, we have seen many of our favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead come and go. However, with this Sundays “mid-season finale” coming up, there are still way too many questions to be answered and I’m not sure they should keep us waiting  until after the holidays to spill the brains… beans, whatever.

1. What will happen when Rick and The Governor finally meet… if they do?

Both are leaders in their own way. However Rick is clearly the stronger leader since coming back from a coma in season one, taking somewhat Democratic control over his group and generally deciding what’s what. The Governor, on the other hand, seems more of a Communist type leader whose people seem to be brainwashed and believe the town of Woodbury is as “safe as could be.”

My prediction – This is a tough one since they have built such a major side character out of the Governor, but I believe all “good” things must come to a halt and the Governor is going to go down in this one.

2. How will Merle act when he is forced to decide between the town and his brother?

Last episode, when put under the spotlight, Merle sold his soul to the devil. Even after being questioned about his brother Daryl, who is on Rick’s team, he agreed to being on the Governor’s team if they were invaded by his own flesh and blood… and the Rick Grime squad.

My Prediction- They have to come face to face. What type of mid-season finale would it be if they didn’t? But when it comes down to it, and the Governor sees that Merle truly will stay loyal to his family, he will eliminate the problem and end up killing Merle. Yes that may seem harsh to kill of Merle after such a long waited return, but he has too much hatred built up against him after what he did to Glenn and Maggie.

3. Will Andrea choose the Governor over the group?

Andrea has been lonely the past few months and with Machone hitting the ground and finding a new group to roll with, she has set herself up with the Governor. But when Rick and the gang come to town, who will she choose?

My Prediction – Another tough one to speculate about, due to the fact that she doesn’t know they are coming and thinks they haven’t survived, unlike Merle who knows that the group is still around. But in the end, she will tell the Governor to find someone else to screw – and happily go on her way.

4. Who will die in Rick’s group?

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to someone in the group, and well, it isn’t going to be easy since its good vs evil when they roll into town.

My Prediction – Oscar gets the axe, or shotgun, or whatever zombie killing tool is around. Yes they just killed off T-dog and Oscar seemed to be his replacement, but he just seems to be the first one who’s going to go. He’s not a major character and, I feel, would not know what to do when it came down to crunch time. See ya!

5. Why is the Walking Dead pulling this mid-season finale scam again?

Simple. It’s to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and gives new viewers enough time to catch up. Yes, I am just as disappointed as the next guy with this mid-season bologna, however it is smart of AMC to find a way of keeping their fans.

What do you believe will happen in the mid-season finale? Post your comments and thoughts below.

–Vincent Roszkowski, 92.3 NOW

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