Sasha’s Top 3 Ways To Party For The Holidays

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Mario Tama/Getty Images

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It’s the holidays! For realsies now, we are almost in December so it’s the exact right time to start acting like elves and being merry and loving life! I’ll be honest, this is my favorite time of the year in NYC (besides my birthday). Everyone is so happy and nice to each other! Which brings me to my important blog topic: WHICH PARTIES DO I GO TO?

I know with all the problems in the world, sorting out your holiday parties may not be on the top of your listicles. But bear with me. I have some really good ideas. When the holidays strut their way into our lives, things get cray. Here’s some idears on how to manage your holiday time!

Office Parties



I do love me a good office party. That is noted in the infamous YouTube clip of me dancing up on our General Manager two years ago (not linked here to protect the innocent). But sometimes they are risky if you over indulge and decide to tell your boss you think you deserve a raise and that you’d totally make out with his wife. I’ve never done that, but I’m just sprayin’, it can happen.

So do you go to your office party? Yes. Go to your office party, drink as much as you can tolerate and then sing some karaoke. It’s a lot of fun to see your co-workers let lose. Just don’t over do it! You’ll most likely have work the next day (we always do) and you have to look these people in the eyes.

Tree Decorating Parties

Getty Images

Getty Images

These are a blasticles. I throw a tree decorating party every year. I ask my nearest and dearest to come over and pour the Yule Tide all over my house. Go to these! I usually buy some art supplies and let my friends go nuts. I make homemade eggnog.


The result is a super fun party time! Plus, you’re killing two partridges with one pear tree (!) because you’re decorating AND partying. I mean, my party hosting skills are pretty dece — that might not be the case with everyone. But it’s safe to assume if your friend is throwing a tree decorating party, it’s going to be great because that person is cool.

Donation Parties

Stuff A Bus Day 3 at Brunswick Square

See? I told you this wouldn’t be all about the drinking and stuff. While all that is fun, you can afford some time to go help out your fellow man. Ample opportunities to do so!

A of all, we have our 92.3 Now Stuff-A-Bus going on. It’s a traveling bus of charity awesome! Find us, bring some friends and hang out wherever we are! We’ll have music playing, all you have to do is bring the donations!

Get Your Stuff-A-Bus 4-1-1 HERE!

Another idea, if you can’t make it out to one of the locayshes, is to have your own! Any party can turn into a charity party. A friend of mine once asked her local Salvation Army to give her some space and set up shop there! Easy peasy!

Donate to the Salvation Army HERE!

Yaysies parties! Enjoy this time of the year! At the end of it, we all put our cranky pants back on and go back to the grind. But until January 2nd, I’m going to be a little elf of holiday freakin’ spirit!

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