Skrillex Launches His Own Online Video Game

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Skrillex on stage at Webster Hall, NYC - 2011 (Photo; Joe Cingrana, CBS Radio/92.3 NOW)

Skrillex on stage at Webster Hall, NYC – 2011 (Photo; Joe Cingrana, CBS Radio/92.3 NOW)

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For those unfamiliar with the sonic extremes of dubstep, the bass-heavy and bombastic beats from EDM producer Skrillex might sound more like a rogue video game eating the stereo from the inside out than, well, music.

After contributing a new song (“Bug Hunt”) and making an onscreen cameo as a nightclub DJ in the video game-themed Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph, Skrillex has delved even deeper into the digital world with the release of his very own online game, with his music providing the soundtrack.

Entitled Skrillex Quest, the browser game is homage to old-school 8-bit titles like Legend of Zelda, and is based inside a long-lost NES cartridge.

“Remember blowing the dust out of your NES cartridges when they glitched? This game is all about that from the perspective of the people within the game,” said the title’s producer, Jason Oda, on his Facebook page, adding that Skrillex makes a cameo at the end of the game.

Skrillex Quest has been garnering mostly positive reviews in the gaming community, with calling it “a weirdly satisfying experience.”

Skrillex, who just dropped a bizarre music video for his collaboration with classic rock legends the Doors, “Breakin’ a Sweat,” will be featured on the upcoming album from emerging hip-hop producer Araabmuzik, who recently finished a tour with Brooklyn noise-rockers Sleigh Bells.

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local

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