My Little Pony, Myspace & NKTOB: What’s An Old Fad That You’re Still Obsessed With?

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New Kids On The Block & Back Street Boys Opening Night Tour
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fad [fæd] = 1. an intense but short-lived fashion; craze

Lulu and Lala are absolutely obsessed with Dancing With The Stars. And when I say obsessed, I really mean they walk, talk and even sleep dancing. Ty insists that the twins are in love with a fad that is no longer even popular. The fad has passed and Ty wants the twins to move on! But that just won’t happen any time soon. They are obsessed with the show, and they have no desire to move on from it.

Fads come and go, but sometimes people build a connection with it, and it sticks with them for the entire life. This morning on ‘Ty Loves NY’ we found out what the tri-state can’t let go of. Whether it be MySpace, or even The Simpsons (Sorry Bart, Family Guy is the new fad), people are having issues just letting go of the oddest things.

New Kids On The Block was a fad, but that has come and gone in the early 90′s. Maria was absolutely adorable with her love for NKOTB though. Only die hard fans would attend a cruise with members from the boy (old man) band.

But what happens when an obsession with a fad turns into a life changing event? What happens if the fad makes you buy new clothes, attend weird conferences and even… wear unicorn horns?

Forget KONY2012, it’s BRONY2012!

What fad are you still infatuated with? Do you spend hours and hours logged unto Myspace changing up your profile, hoping that you will get that follower? Let us know in the comments below. And while you’re here, take a look at BRONYCon 2012.

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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