Can I Borrow $5000: What Would You Do If Your Significant Other Asks To Borrow Money?

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This morning on ‘Ty Loves NY’, the crew wanted to do something a little bit different in order to hand out our Rihanna tickets: why not ask someone to see if they can call up their significant other and ask them to borrow $5,000? Sounds pretty far fetched, but when it comes to RiRi, people will go to the extreme!

Chelsea called in to play the game, but was she able to get her boyfriend to hand over the big money? Her story was pretty out there! She told her boyfriend that she was stuck in Colorado, where she was about to board a flight. However she received word from the police that she was going to be thrown in jail because of a ticket she never paid for back in the day. Apparently there was some sort of ransom out for her..if her boyfriend paid the $5,000 she would be able to get home scott free. Did it work?

Take a listen:

Sounds like Chelsea is about to be broken up with her boyfriend! He went off the deep end in his comments. So much that it made Chelsea break down in tears..but she definitely earned those Rihanna tickets!

People responded in a big way: does Chelsea deserve to be broken up over her “story”? Or should she dump him for how mean he was to her?

Take a listen to some of our callers:

Would you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend of just three months if they asked you for $5,000? Would you believe them? I personally don’t even own that much money, let alone am I able to help someone else out. Sound off in the comments below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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