Chevonne Looks To Kickstart Her Career After The Voice

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Photo courtesy of Big Picture Media

Photo courtesy of Big Picture Media

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Chevonne’s plans of besting the rest of the contestants from Season 3 of The Voice may not have gone as she had hoped, for as they say “the best laid schemes of mice and men go often awry.” But the New Jersey native isn’t letting the opportunity of performing on a national stage pass her by.

Chevonne is capitalizing from the exposure gained on The Voice and is not wasting any time. To help fund her debut album and music video, she’s taking the approach that many new artists do: Kickstarter. Chevonne is looking to raise $10,000 by the December 15th deadline at 9:10am. At the time of publishing this post, $3210 has been pledged by numerous backers.

While being commended for her eclectic style on the show, Chevonne promises more of the same on her debut album.

“The debut will be a pop record with strong rock and soul influences. I’m focusing on telling great, vivid stories and getting listeners to dance and celebrate life, love and being young at heart. There are also a couple ballads where I let myself be vulnerable and stripped-down. It’s all aspects of my personality: the firecracker, the nerd, the wailing rock girl, the shady sass-bucket.”

And, as she says, the best part about utilizing Kickstarter is that her fans that donate will have the opportunity to contribute to the creative process.

chevonne 2 Chevonne Looks To Kickstart Her Career After The Voice

Photo: Big Picture Media

“The great thing about funding my record on Kickstarter is that you, the fans and listeners, can have input,” says Chevonne. “People who pledge, even $1, will be able to weigh in and help decide the final track listing and album art. It’s interactive, a team effort between me and the people who believe in my music and my artistry.”

Though short-lived, Chevonne made the most of her time on The Voice and soaked up the knowledge she received from two separate coaches: Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera. The advice was delivered in two very different ways; the soft-spoken and philosophical approach of Green verse the hands-on Aguilera.

“When he (Green) coached me, his advice would come in a few words or a few sentences — and those few pieces of advice were always deep and layered,” says Chevonne. “One phrase really stuck with me: ‘Fan that fire.’ … I think he was also trying to say that I should strive to find a perfect balance between raw emotion and tasteful restraint.”

Conversely, Aguilera gets her hands “dirrty” by getting involved in every facet of Chevonne’s performance.

“She’s (Aguilera) like a surgeon, dissecting phrases and vocal lines … she’s taught me that with live performances, every word, every syllable, is important in telling your story.”

Chevonne will be bringing her music to New York City’s Sullivan Hall on December 5th and couldn’t be more excited to perform live with her backing band.

“We’re debuting about 6 songs from the record, and they’re sounding awesome and huge in rehearsals! Can’t wait to show the city what I’m made of! Live shows are a huge part of who I am as an artist.”

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