Lala Goes Grocery Shopping For A Turkey, Ends Up At A Turkey Farm Instead!

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Lala confessed that she’s never had turkey on Thanksgiving before. It’s usually something like Fo-turkey or something more traditional that her family makes for their culture.

But this is the year she says she will dig in to a turkey! That was until her experience this morning on ‘Ty Loves NY’.

Ty sent Lala out to the store to find the best turkey there was. However, the 92.3NOW Entourage (and Ty) had something else in store for the unsuspecting Lala… a trip to a turkey farm!

Lala wasn’t very happy about her situation. Not only does she feel the need to love every animal that she meets, but she just can’t bear the fact that people eat something like a turkey for Thanksgiving! But Ty is right: If you’re going to go all out and celebrate Thanksgiving this year, you better do it in style and get the freshest turkey possible!

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There was a lot of tension between Lulu and Lala this morning on ‘Ty Loves NY’. Lala was far off in New Jersey, completely unsure about where she was. In fact, when mail boxes are the shape of cows, you’re pretty far away from Manhattan!

After Lala made friends with the goats, she came across her dreaded turkeys! What happened after that? Did she take one and bring it? Take a listen:

Lala has failed to pick up the turkey for Thanksgiving! She’s going to have to go back to her family and tell them that she failed on her mission, and there will be NO Thanksgiving! If she was a hunter back in the day, she probably would have been stoned by now. Oh Lala.

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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