Bitchiness 101: Lala Learns How To Get Assertive Just In Time For Black Friday

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Last week during Lala’s morning run at Starbucks, she encountered an older man who cut in front of her in line. Lala kept her anger inside and decided not to confront him right then and there.

That was until she got on air, where she let her dirty laundry out for the Tri-state to hear!

Little did she know, that the man who skipped in line was a fellow employee at our building. Needless to say, drama occurred, and it all would’ve been done and over with if she had gotten assertive with the line cutter down at Starbucks.

Now that Black Friday is just around the corner, Ty wants Lala to get over her “push-over” attitude and get some edge…

It’s time to get bitchy, Lala!

So, on ‘Ty Loves NY’ this morning, Lala was given a list of things she needed to do in order to find her inner bitch:

First, confront her boss who was just fired and tell him why she believes he lost his job! She wasn’t excited about this.

Needless to say, Lala went through with it:

Ty kicked Lala out of the studio, where she was to find places in NYC to prove her true bitchiness. Afterall, if she is heading out on Black Friday shopping next week, she better get her Walmart shopping shoes!

She hit up Starbucks, where she literally cut in line and got away with it and her second tour of duty? Apparently upset the 92.3NOW Entourage!

So Lala lost the Entourage, all because she found her true inner bitch. She got them so upset this morning, it actually caused a little bit of rift. However, Lala ended up emailing me, Phone Screener Bryan, audio that she recorded with her phone because she was unable to call into the station.

Take a listen to her closing comments on this entire experience this morning:

Did Lala go too far in her quest to find her inner bitch for Black Friday? Did she lose herself as well? Will her actions cause a rift with the NOW Entourage? All of these answers will be answered Monday on ‘Ty Loves NY’.

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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