Lady Gaga’s “Cake” Teaser Is NOT So SWEET

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Yep. Lady Gaga is moving in on the RAP game. The name is similar to “Birthday Cake.” But just “CAKE.” Seems like Gaga is releasing her inner Rihanna.

We all know by now that our “Mother Monster” is not ashamed to show off her new curves, tattoos and a little Beyonce shake. But she’s got the ill lyrics apparently too:

“You chew beef, I wear meat/And stay on top of the — I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m/Getting fat and so is my bank/With a sold out world tour, b***h.”

Where’s Drake when you need him?

This is just a 15 second teaser video by the famous-for-dirty-photos photographer Terry Richardson to prepare the Little Monsters for her new 2013 album called ARTPOP.

POP meaning POP that BOOTY! She even has a little GAGA GONE WILD theme here, with a bunch of chicks in a bathtub having a little too much fun. I can’t wait to hear the full song and see the official video.

For now, you can check out the teaser HERE - if you dare!

–Eutopia, 92.3 NOW

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