Dirty On The 30: Hope Solo Marries, LiLo Has A New Sister & Justin Bieber Proposed To Selena Gomez!?

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

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Another day, another pile of celebrity dirt! It’s time to catch you up on all celebrity gossip first thing in the AM so you can be in the know before all of your friends!

Today we’ve got the latest dirt on Justin Bieber‘s broken heart, Michael Lohan‘s OTHER daughter and Olympic soccer star Hope Solo‘s slightly awkward marriage!

Let’s get it started!

Did Justin Propose To Selena Twice Before They Split?

According to Perez Hilton, Justin Bieber proposed to Selena Gomez twice in the month that they ended up breaking things off. A source told him that Bieber proposed to Gomez and she said no, saying she wanted to wait a few months. Bieber then popped the question AGAIN later in the month and she once again rejected him. Shortly after that, the two split up. “They have agreed to never, never, ever talk about the proposals!” the source said. “It would be far too damaging to his reputation if people found out that a smaller star turned down a bigger star.”

Who knows if this is correct or not, but that quote from Perez’s source comes off a little brash. Sure the two are young and jumping into something like marriage so quickly is a bad idea, but you would think Biebs would be more focused on his career than tying the knot.

154632090 Dirty On The 30: Hope Solo Marries, LiLo Has A New Sister & Justin Bieber Proposed To Selena Gomez!?

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Hope Solo Marries Fiance, One Day After His Arrest

U.S. Soccer star Hope Solo reportedly got married to her ex-NFL star fiance Jerramy Stevens on Tuesday, just one day after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence.

On Monday morning police were sent out to a disturbance call involving a physical fight between eight people, and the use of a stun gun during a party. Stevens was released from jail the next day from the judge, due to there not being enough evidence to hold him.

Solo and Stevens have been dating for two months, yet they got married! Talking about Bieber rushing it with Selena..this one tops the cake!

104412545 Dirty On The 30: Hope Solo Marries, LiLo Has A New Sister & Justin Bieber Proposed To Selena Gomez!?

(ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Michael Lohan Finds Out He Has Another Daughter… Who Is 17!

TMZ has reported that Lindsay Lohan has a long lost sister, all in thanks to her father’s infidelity from the mid 90′s.

“Michael agreed to submit to a DNA test for an episode of “Trisha Goddard” — where he comes face-to-face for the first time with the 17-year-old girl who claimed to be his daughter — and the results came back POSITIVE!”

The mother of his daughter has claimed for years that he was the father, and has even tried to get him to pay child support, but he has fought against it claiming he’s not the father!!

Congrats Lindsay, your life is officially even MORE messed up!

Listen to today’s dirt below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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