One Direction: Zann Puts Your Love For the Boys To the Test

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Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

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Thousands of girls came out to see One Direction perform on The Today Show. Not just a few hundred. THOUSANDS! They didn’t show up the morning of… they showed up the night before; some DAYS before. This is how much teen girls love One Direction… the leading boy band in the world.

There’s one thing about me… I probably would never camp out for a boy. “Probably” meaning I’m about 99.9% sure I would never camp out for anybody. Well, maybe if I knew it was Jesus riding into NYC on a unicorn… not something I’d want to miss. So I fully believe the teen girls that hung out for days must REALLY love One Direction to go days without showering and sleep to see them from a distance as the boys took the stage at The Today Show.

onedirection1 One Direction: Zann Puts Your Love For the Boys To the Test

Photo: Zann, 92.3 NOW

One Direction Perform @ the Today Show [PHOTOS]

In my mind, when you love somebody, you must know a lot about them. I was curious how much the girls actually knew about the boys they “love so much.”

With 92.3 NOW gear in hand (that means prizes!) and a list of questions such as “Which 1D member farts the most…” these girls had it out as to who loves One Direction the most.

See the video and how well they did here:

Did you know the answers to the questions? Do you know more about 1D than them?

–Zann, 92.3 NOW

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