Keeping It On The Down-Low: Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Seriously Gay

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This morning on ‘Ty Loves NY’ we got to the discussion of whether or not you believe your partner has a secret they are keeping from you.

One man believes his girlfriend was ready to propose, while Jessica believed that her boyfriend has a serious secret gambling problem. But what happens if you think your boyfriend is a closet case? And by closet case I mean secretly on the down-low.

And by down-low, I mean… he’s secretly gay!

Julie called in to confess that she believes her boyfriend might be gay due to some of his actions, reactions… and then some. So with the help of our listeners, the entire ‘Ty Loves NY’ morning crew helped Julie out with this mission: Determine whether or not her boyfriend was secretly gay.

What ARE the signs that your boyfriend is seriously gay? Take a listen to what some of our callers had to say:

I, myself am a gay man. Ty called me in to help ask Julie questions about her boyfriend. Between his emotions (“he cries easily”) and how long it takes him to get ready (“twice as long as me!”), I was more curious about his performance in bed…

We didn’t quite get to figure out whether or not Julie’s boyfriend is truly gay or not. But we are going to keep in touch with her and get to the bottom of this!

Do you think your boyfriend is gay? Here are just a few signs he might be from

1. He dresses really cute and spends a lot of time getting ready in the bathroom. Straight men are not allowed to care about their physical appearance, okay? If they did, that would mean every single romantic comedy you’ve ever seen has been wrong, which is not possible.

2. He’s not turned off by Sex and the City. In fact, he’s the one who suggests watching it.

3. He has feelings. When you’re upset about something, he actually has the audacity to ask if you’re okay. Between sobs, you want to tell him that it’s not his job to care.

4. His taste in sex is freakish to say the least.

5. He prefers the comedic taste of Tina Fey over Dane Cook. He loved Bridesmaids… enough said.

6. He tells you that he likes sleeping with men.

7. He tells you that he likes sleeping with women.

These are just a few of the signs to tell if you’re boyfriend is seriously gay! Read more right HERE!

Don’t believe me? Pop in Magic Mike with your boyfriend and see what happens…

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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