Eutopia In the Crowd: Madonna Goes “Gangnam Style” At MSG, Performs ALL the Hits

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Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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The only 54-year-old woman I would ever wait three hours to see is Madonna. Last night, I had the honor of seeing her and crossing her name of my ’80s bucket list.

When we got to Madison Square Garden (which is fabulously renovated by the way) one of the staff members informed us that the “material girl” is the diva of all divas. Apparently Madonna demanded that the AC in the Garden be turned OFF and that she wouldn’t hit the stage until 10:45PM. For a millisecond, my bestie and I got a little angry, but then we thought about it… we have tickets to see freakin’ Madonna! We got over it quick.

Around 8:30PM Martin Solveig (dude who made “Hello”) came out and gave us an hour long dance party. After the party, I got a chance to meet some our lovely listeners who won tickets from us. We talked music, jobs and of course I reminded them about “Instant Gratification” ($500 bucks, 6 times a day get on it!!)

At ten to ten, the curtains came down and my dreams came true! When Madonna hit the stage, she it ripped ’til one in the morning. We got a got a lot of treats last night… and the dancers (the bone crushers were beautiful!) were everything – plus I got a chance to see the booty of a 54-year-old woman (Yoga and Pilates work wonders!).

But the best and biggest surprise was PSY flying in from Korea to perform his hit “Gangnam Style” and duet with Madge on “Music.” PSY was so humbled to perform for the first time at MSG with Madonna. By the way… whoever dresses that dude is a fashion wiz!

Here’s the set list from Madonna’s MSG show Nov. 13th:

Girl Gone Wild
Gang Bang
Papa Don’t Preach
Hung Up
I Don’t Give A
Best Friend
Express Yourself vs Born This Way
Give Me All Your Luvin’
Turning Up the Hits
Turn Up the Radio
Open Your Heart/Sagarra Jo! (by Kalakan)
Give It 2 Me vs “Gangnam Style” (by PSY)
Music (duet with PSY)
Justify My Love
Candy Shop vs Ashamed
Human Nature
Like a Virgin
Love Spent
Nobody Knows Me
I’m Addicted
I’m a Sinner
Like a Prayer

Check out video of PSY performing “Gangnam Style” and “Music” with Madonna HERE.

As I am wiping the cold out my eyes I am thinking of how incredible, relevant, talented and fantabulous Madonna is and will always will be. I got a chance to go to church, hell, India, the hood and the club with freaking Madonna, EPIC? She’s not the best singer but she’s the baddest chick to ever touch and perform on a stage period.

–Eutopia, 92.3 NOW

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