Pet Peeves: Who Do You Least Want To Sit Next To While Traveling?

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Crowded subways. Stuffy planes. Those are just a couple of places where people can easily get all up in your personal bubble. And when people get too far into my bubble, I tend to lose it!

What happens when you’re traveling and someone is sick? They sneeze constantly, cough and blow their nose in your general direction? That is the type of person no one likes to travel with, right?

Ty from ‘Ty Loves NY’ traveled this past weekend to his girlfriend’s parents’ house in Atlanta,GA. While traveling back he experienced just that, and more!

Who is your least favorite person to sit next to while traveling? We asked callers this morning, and got some pretty entertaining reactions!

After hearing our callers’ experiences, we have compiled a top ten list of people you don’t want to travel with!

10) Nervous flyer on an airplane – “This plane is going to crash!”

9) Smelly person on the subway – “Get some deodorant!”

8) Sick person – “Go to the bathroom and blow that nose.”

7) A farter that you can’t escape – “This one man farted the entire flight from Phoenix to Newark.”

6) Annoying children – “Stop kicking my seat!”

5) The one with the really loud headphones – “How many times are you going to listen to ‘Gangnam Style’?!”

4) The sweater – “This guy just wouldn’t stop sweating! It made me uncomfortable.”

3) Strangers Who Think They Are Your Best Friend – “OMG let me tell you about this one time..”

2) Sitting between two overweight people (sorry, sometimes it happens) – “Give me some elbow room!”

1) _________________________________________

We left that number one spot open just for you! What is the one person you would least like to sit next to while traveling? Share your number one and your story in the comments below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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