Lulu Attempts To See One Direction At The Today Show, Almost Gets Arrested Instead!

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Lulu should DEFINITELY not have been up there..she was 'arrested'!
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Lulu and Lala both love to hit up the Today Show whenever 92.3NOW artist’s pop by for performances. Not only do the twins get to meet the die hard fans, but they get to see their favorite artists perform!

However, today Lulu was on a mission to not only hang with the fans of One Direction, but she was also trying to go James Bond style on the security guards to sneak backstage.

Did she do it? Let’s just say, things got prettt-y interesting!

One Direction Perform @ the Today Show [PHOTOS]

Lulu Gets “Arrested” @ the Today Show [PHOTOS]

Decked out in black (because you know, it was so dark outside at 7am), Lulu took to the Rockefeller Plaza to hang out with the fans of One Direction.

Now that she staked her claim, she was ready to make her move – grab those passes and head backstage!

Agent 009 takes over the scene:

In order to scope out the scene, Lulu wanted to try and climb a stop and go light to get a much better view. However, things didn’t exactly go her way.

Agent 009 down!

Lulu was “arrested” by a NYPD officer. Not only was she “arrested,” but she lost her CBS work badge to show proof that she really does work in the media.

So what happened? The cop called the 92.3NOW hotline and asked for proof of employment!

It’s safe to say, Lulu did not end up meeting One Direction today. In fact, I don’t even think she made it to their first performance of the entire morning!

If you ever need Lulu to pull some spy work, make sure you double think that idea.

Were you at The Today Show with One Direction? Share your stories in the comments below. (And don’t worry, no Lulu’s were harmed in the making of this blog.)

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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