Eutopia In The Crowd: Set Up A Quarantine, Bieber Fever Hits Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

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Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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My only regret in life so far is not seeing Michael Jackson in concert when I was a kid. So when I heard Justin Bieber was going to perform in Brooklyn, I figured my inner 12-year-old would be content with that … and she totally was.

I got to the Barclays Center 40 minutes before the show to take in the atmosphere and get some cheese fries from Brooklyn Burger. Upon entering the venue, I noticed all of the shirts, posters, outfits and signs were covered in purple and gold glitter…. and every person in the audience was a “belieber.” By the end of the night, so was I.

Justin Bieber ROCKS Brooklyn’s Barclays Ctr. [PHOTOS]

Jayden Smith opened the show with a 15 minute set. I thought Willow Smith was the only one who was blessed with Will’s musical genes. Jayden is not the rapper or performer his dad was, but if the acting thing doesn’t work for him he could most definitely make it as a rapper.

After Jayden performed, I found out that Carly Rae Jepsen was only slotted to perform at Madison Square Garden; not Barclays. Instead, Cody Simpson performed. I was a bit upset that Carly wouldn’t hop on the 4 train to come to Brooklyn, but once Cody stepped on stage I got over it quickly.

156289498 8 Eutopia In The Crowd: Set Up A Quarantine, Bieber Fever Hits Brooklyns Barclays Center

I had to remind myself that this kid is only 15 because he grinds, cat daddies and dougies like a 26-year-old man! Plus, he had on electric blue silk Hugh Hefner PJ’s. The boy from the down under performed “Wish You Were Here,” “Got Me Good” and “My Angel.” Not sure what’s in the water in Australia, but Cody has got swag for decades.

As soon as Cody finished, there was a countdown for Justin to take the stage as the screaming commenced. And continued for 10 minutes straight. My second regret in life is not taking the ear plugs that the Barclays staff offered at the entrance.

156289428 8 Eutopia In The Crowd: Set Up A Quarantine, Bieber Fever Hits Brooklyns Barclays Center

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

As soon as Justin appeared (in the sky of course, wearing angel wings) the screaming went an octave higher – which I didn’t think was humanly possible.

Through the screams he performed a jam packed set list:

All Around the World
Take You
Out Of Town Girl
Thought of You OR Catching Feelings (I’m not sure about this, because of the screaming!)
One Time
Eenie Meanie
Somebody to love
Right Here
She Don’t Like the Lights
Die In Your Arms
Be Alright
Never Say Never (with Jayden Smith)
Beauty and a Beat
[This is where Justin MURDERED the drum solo]
One Less Lonely Girl
As Long As You Love Me


The dancing, band, lights, video montages and Justin’s performance were all designed to show that Justin is no longer a boy, but a grown man. Mission accomplished. When he lifted up his shirt and showed that one ab, I officially became a BELIEBER!

-Eutopia, 92.3 NOW

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