When Politics Rip Relationships Apart: What Was Your Bitter Political Battle?

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We’ve seen it all over Facebook this past election. Friends hiding friends statuses from their timelines because of rants on Obama or their stance on abortion. You might even go as far as unfriending someone because they voted for Romney!

But what happens when you are dating or even married to someone who has completely different political viewpoints than you?

You are a liberal who believes that FEMA DOES make a difference in tough times and it should remain. Your husband on the other hand is conservative, voted for Romney and believes that FEMA is a bad idea. You fight and you fight so much about your beliefs that it puts a rift in your relationship!

Take a listen to Lorenza, who called into the “Ty Loves NY” morning show today, where she was wanting Ty and the crew to repair her torn apart relationship. Why? Politics!

Lorenza is seriously stressed over this. Her relationship with Mark lasted for three years, but it ended because of their differing viewpoints on politics! Ty was on a mission: get these two back together! So he called Mark and Lorenzo, and put them together on the phone where they hashed things out!

Take a listen:

Dinner date and moving back is in order! Ty is a miracle worker! Have you experienced relationship issues thanks to politics? Have you un-friending someone on Facebook? Blocked someone on Twitter? Sound off in the comments below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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