Spose Releases Two Albums Through Kickstarter, Still Pretty “Awesome”

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Photo: Jason Bosch

Photo: Jason Bosch

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Wells, Maine rapper Spose, best known for his international hit single “I’m Awesome,” has released two albums via the fundraising website Kickstarter. The two albums – “The Yard Sale” and “Spose Unplugged” – are available exclusively through Spose’s Kickstarter “Yard Sale,” in which he seeks to raise $25,000 in 30 days to continue his career making relatable music for the working class.

In the two weeks since it’s launch, Spose’s Kickstarter has quickly raised over $13,500 from 478 unique contributors. The Kickstarter “Yard Sale” and a candid video explaining the campaign can be found at the following link:

>> Kickstarter.com – SPOSE Needs Your Money! <<

“The Yard Sale” album itself compiles 20 unreleased Spose songs recorded between 2008 and 2012, which were mixed and mastered into a cohesive album by Portland-based engineer Jonathan Wyman. “Spose Unplugged” is a live album recorded just weeks ago on October 20, 2012 at One Longfellow Square in Portland, Maine.

The release of “The Yard Sale” and “Spose Unplugged” caps off a busy 2012 that saw Spose continuing his work with local charities, as well as releasing his third and most successful album “The Audacity!” in April through his independent Preposterously Dank (P. Dank) imprint.

spose theyardsale Spose Releases Two Albums Through Kickstarter, Still Pretty Awesome

Spose: The Yard Sale

In addition to the release of his two albums through Kickstarter, Spose’s Kickstarter Yard Sale offers a ton of other swag including t-shirts, sweatshirts, skateboards, artwork, phone calls from Spose, opportunities to play board games with Spose, personal Spose concerts and memorabilia from Spose’s music videos! Yes, really.

Spose chose the website to raise funds because it “presented a perfect opportunity to connect with [his] dedicated fans on a person-to-person level” and “offer them exclusive stuff they couldn’t get anywhere else.”

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If the funding operation is successful, reaching the $25,000 goal on or before November 23, Spose will be granted the funds and will utilize them throughout the next year to promote and release his next two albums for free. These two albums Peter Sparker and Dankonia are nearly completed already and if the funding is accomplished by the deadline, will be released in early 2013. If Spose fails to reach his $25,000 goal, he will receive no money from his Kickstarter and all those who pledged or backed his project will not have their credit cards charged.

To coincide with the conclusion of his “Yard Sale,” Spose will embark on 14-city tour, beginning November 25 in Boston, hitting cities as far as Minneapolis and as close as Philadelphia before concluding the tour with a hometown show on December 27th.

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