Help NY NOW: ‘Ty Loves NY’ Hits Up The Tri State, Helps Out Sandy Victims

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It’s been a rough week and some days for parts of the tri state. When Sandy came and gone, she left destruction in her wake: houses gone, streets flooded, city-wide power outages, etc.

Fast forward one week forward and people are STILL without food, electricity and shelter.

92.3 NOW has hit up locations across all five boroughs (plus NJ) to help others in need! But we were not alone. People all over the area have helped as well. Normal citizens who felt the need to donate, contribute and do what is needed to make sure their neighbors, friends and even strangers survive through this ordeal.

‘Ty Loves NY’ hit up the Help NY NOW events, and took videos of the entire experience. Take a look at just a couple of ways people were hit hard by Sandy.

Help NY NOW is continuing until we have reached as many areas as possible.

  • Gathering donations @ Bally Total Fitness, Queens on Thursday! [PHOTOS]
  • Delivering donations in Monmouth County, NJ on Wednesday! [PHOTOS]
  • Photos from Tuesday in W. Nyack: [PHOTOS]
  • Photos from Sunday in Queens: [PHOTOS]
  • Photos from Saturday on Staten Island: [PHOTOS]
  • Our super successful first day in Brooklyn on Friday (Nov. 2) taking in donations: [PHOTOS]

If you feel your location needs help (or know of any) please share in the comments below, or call 888-923-0923 and we will gladly talk!

>>Click For CBS CARES Donation Locations <<

Do you know of any remarkable stories you’ve encountered during the aftermath of Sandy? Share below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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