Sandy Stricken Tri-state Still Looking For Gas

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Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

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The day before Hurricane Sandy hit, we made sure to fill up the Jeep with gas. Four days later, after driving to and from work, car pooling and helping our neighbors – we hit empty!

It didn’t dawn on me that we would be in the middle of a gas crisis! We searched for gas all weekend long, but lines were so long that we decided to wait until Monday morning. So, my wife and I took the kids to school today and headed to our neighborhood gas station on 65th Avenue in Brooklyn.

The line was only five streets long…

I even called in to Ty Loves NY this morning and told everyone where we were and what we were up to. We sat waiting for gas for three hours!

I had to leave so I could get ready for work, but my wife volunteered to stay so we wouldn’t lose our place in line. After I got to work, my wife called to tell me that the gas station was not going to get a shipment of gas today and everyone was told to go home.

All that time wasted! No gas! No communication! It’s so frustrating!

I have had friends tell me to come to Jersey, but our Jeep won’t make it. Also Jersey is doing the even/odd license plate method. Knowing my luck, I would drive over there only to find out that I didn’t qualify for gas!

I am sure you are all in the same boat as I am! To help with the search for gas, I thought I would post this website – I looked up all the gas stations in my hood and they are empty!

Maybe you will have more luck! Check it out!

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–Micki Gamez, 92.3 NOW

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