Chopper 23 vs Sandy – Amazing Staten Island Aerial Rescues Caught On Film

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Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Digital

Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Digital

Photo: Joe Cingrana Joe Cingrana
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As we are all aware – or are now starting to realize since power is slowly returning – the impact that Hurricane Sandy has had on the tri-state area has been devastating. Massive fires in Breezy Point and the Jersey Shore, widespread flooding and of course some have paid the ultimate price with their lives. The loss and tragedy brought on by this storm will be felt for years to come.

When the winds died down enough after the hurricane, I had a chance to try to make it out to a store with a friend, by bicycle, but it ended up being a small tour of parts of Staten Island. To give some perspective, we were able to weave our way through side streets, holes cut in fences and wooded trails to Midland Beach and New Dorp before having to turn back due to huge lakes that had formed on Hylan Boulevard.

[Photos] Hurricane Sandy On Staten Island

While out, we noticed a helicopter hovering dangerously close to treetops and even watched it land on a baseball field adjacent to Midland Beach on Father Capodano Blvd. It turns out, that was “Chopper 23,” an NYPD search and rescue platform, which was plucking people from their rooftops. You can see the amazing footage below.

More Footage: Overflight Of Staten Island & More

Are you on Staten Island? Did you get power back yet at your home? Are you still at a friend or relative’s house? Let us know how you’re doing out there. We hope everyone you love is safe and sound. Here’s how you can help…

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