Hey Tri-State: Where’s The SCARIEST Haunted House? YOU Decide My Fate!

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Ever since I saw movies like “Halloween,” “Poltergeist,” “The Exorcist” and “The Ring” in theaters, I have loved the feeling of being scared! The scarier the movie the better!

That passion lead me to visiting haunted houses and I am always looking for the best one.

There’s something enticing about the thrill of not knowing what’s behind the door! The flight or fight feeling that creeps in with out notice. One of my favorites is walking in the darkness with flashes of light with quick glimpses of shadows of goblins, ghouls and devilish clowns about to jump out of the walls ready to scare the crap out of anyone.

Ahh! The adrenaline rush. The panic. The quick heart beat and sweaty palms. The screams and scary music… All of it!

After getting your suggestions via Facebook and Twitter, I challenged you to pick the scariest haunted house out of the ones submitted by listeners in the Tri- State for me and the 92.3 NOW Entourage to endure! We will capture it on film and you can witness for yourself whether or not I mean what I say when I tell you that… I LOVE to be scared!!!

After a little over a week of voting, here are the results:

  • Eastern State Penitentiary (Philly, PA) 20.59% 
  • Blood Manor (NYC) 17.65%
  • Blackout (NYC) 17.65% 
  • Haunted Fire House (Valley Stream, L.I.) 14.71%
  • Haunted Hearse Tales (Brooklyn) 11.76%
  • Dark Side (NYC) 5.88% 

YOU Voted!

NOW my FATE is in the HANDS of the HAUNTED! I’ll be visiting a BUNCH of the above places soon with the NOW Entourage and will share my experience with you right here on 923NOW.com!

I can’t wait for some TERROR!

–Micki Gamez, 92.3 NOW

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