Get the T.I. & Tiny Scoop: Women’s Clothing Line & More Reality Shows?

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AKOO Clothing & VH1 Presents T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Premiere Screening At The Yotel Hotel In NY
Vincent Roszkowski
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All you ladies out there who enjoy hip-hop artist T.I.’s music can soon bop to the beat while strutting around in his new clothing line.

Aquoo, which means “a queen of oneself” is made exclusively for women and is a spin off of his already established men’s clothing division, Akoo. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, T.I.’s wife will be the first person to test and review the apparel before it is available for the public to purchase.

“She’s the first to select and approve the product,” said T.I.

As for you Tiny fans, T.I. made sure to clear the air about rumors that she may appear on the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“No, it doesn’t suit her standards,” says T.I. “It’s not of the high standards that she has for herself as being seen in a relationship.”

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T.I. and Tiny are happy together and would rather stick to their own family oriented reality show, “The Family Hustle.”

Okay, we can respect that. But what if Tiny was single???

“Now if she was to be single she may, but as far as us being in a relationship it’s not something that we want for ourselves,” said T.I.

Clearly, they’re not about that life.

“No sooner would she want me to be on ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’ That’s not what we are about,” he said.

-Vincent Roszkowski, 92.3 NOW/ NYC

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