Up and Coming Star Asher Monroe Talks With Zann About Sexy Shows, Stalkers and Being a Teacup!

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Photo by Vince Gonzales/Getty Images

Photo by Vince Gonzales/Getty Images

Photo: Joe Cingrana Joe Cingrana
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First of all, I got dibs on being his girlfriend, ladies. *glare*

Asher Monroe Book, now only known as Asher Monroe, called in to talk to me the other night and hilarity arose! Besides being a stand up and talented singer, I found out how he deals with obsessive fans, people making babies during his performances and what it was that cut him his big break!

Check out his new song and video for “Here With You” below.

We started off talking about the confusion that will certainly be attached to his name – He goes by Asher Monroe, but his last name is Book. Surely some fangirls will be searching the music section at Barnes & Noble forthe Asher Monroe book, and sad they will be.

Monroe is actually Asher’s middle name, a family name passed down by his great grandfather. Asher is a biblical name that his mom always wanted to use.

But his shows are certainly not for the chaste.

Asher relayed a story about his most recent show at NYC’s Webster Hall.

“I don’t know if I can speak about it on air,” Asher said nervously. “People were liking my song so much,” he continued, “and something was going on!”

Switching gears, I asked Asher about the apparent stalker he has here at the station: Me!

Let me explain. Asher recently came up to the studios to play some of his songs and our boss decided to tell him that I was a stage five clinger and was all up in Asher’s business. But all kidding aside, there really is a creeper in his life.

“I think every artist has their one, and I definitely had mine. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to call them out,” says Asher.

Finally, I decided to embarrass him just a little bit by asking him to sing some of the chorus to Chip the Teacup’s song from Beauty and the Beast. It’s no a secret; Asher performed as “Chip” in the international tour of the classic musical.

Awww… can’t you just picture Asher as a lil teacup? Adorable!

Listen to the full interview below!

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