Midnight Red Plays Truth or Dare With Lulu & Lala

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The boys of Midnight Red in studio at 92.3 NOW FM in NYC with Ty Loves NY's Lulu & Lala. Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

The boys of Midnight Red in studio at 92.3 NOW FM in NYC with Ty Loves NY’s Lulu & Lala. Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

Vincent Roszkowski
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The boys of Midnight Red recently stopped by the 92.3 NOW studios and took the ultimate “Truth or Dare” challenge with the twins of “Ty Loves NY,” Lulu & Lala.

Midnight Red, which consists of members Joey Diggs Jr, Thomas Augusto, Anthony Ladao, Colton Rudloff and Eric Secharia have taken the world under their wings and etched their names into the growing collection of teen heart throb boy bands.

The group had started touring back in July 2012 as an opening act for the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys tour. Also in July of this year, the boys released their debut single, “One Club At A Time,” which also included a fantastic cover of NKOTB’s single “Step By Step.” The group is currently promoting their sure-to-be hit single “Hell Yeah,” as well as a brand new music video to go along with it.

During their visit to 92.3 NOW/NYC last month, the guys had a chance to chat up their new single, sing a little ditty from their first release and also talk some celebrity trash.

Once the game of Truth or Dare began with Lulu and Lala, the strings were cut loose and Midnight Red revealed some facts to fans that they may have been wondering about since their debut. To start off, Anthony Ladao and the boys made some statements that may have Miss Lohan knocking on their dressing room door real soon. The group was asked who they believe was crazier, Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes?

“Amanda has been going through a crazy stage – but Lindsay is hands down the OG, the Babe Ruth,” said Anthony.

Lulu wasted no time getting things steamy in the studio by daring Thomas to kiss her sister, Lala! Thomas jumped on the opportunity, reaching out and pulling her in for a smooch, even after a bit of “wait, how old are you” hesitation from Lala.

But things got real interesting when Joey revealed something that not even his own mother knows! The truth about his sacred virginity.

“No, I’m not a virgin. Sorry mom,” said Joey. “I don’t tell her these things, but I go to town!”

Midnight Red as a band clearly show their unity on stage and like most boy bands, haven’t really established a clear leader of the group. But for some reason, everyone seems to think Colton is the man with the plan.

“That is not true, I am a big advocate of the fact that we are all equally placed in the group,” Colton explained.

However, Eric claims that Colton can indeed have his moments of boasting. “He actually tells us everyday that he is the leader!”

“If you come to our show you will definitely understand we all take the stage, we all take our moments, we all own it,” Colton responded back.

Photos: Midnight Red In Studio

Statements like that would make any parent of a famous boy bander proud, and the guys all agree that their families are very receptive to the fame coming their way. Except for Colton’s mom that is.

“I don’t think my mom really understands, she’s a smart woman, but I don’t tell my mom everything. All of their parents have seen us perform, my mom still hasn’t yet,” claimed Colton.

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To keep up with all things Midnight Red, head to their official Website as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages.

–Vincent Roszkowski, 92.3 NOW

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