Zann’s Winner of the Battle of The Boys: Midnight Red!

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For two days #FanGirls around the world Tweeted, voted and called me. The poll had been up since Monday. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, except extreme chaos. Chaos there was. It really was anybody’s game starting Monday. The poll was retweeted by Max from the Wanted and all the members from Midnight Red, making those two groups take the lead immediately.

They held the lead for majority of the poll… by Tuesday, Midnight Red took a significant lead.

For an extra 500 votes, I had you submit videos of yourself dancing to your favorite boy or boy group… this video won. Sexy Pants the Producer and I have never laughed so hard!

For an extra thousand votes, you had to get whichever trending on Twitter: #Zann9231D, #Zann923MNR, #Zann923JB, #Zann923TRS, #Zann923TW, #Zann923BTR… again, the Redheads came through with the trend.

Ultimately in the end… Midnight Red swept the poll with over 50% of the votes. Listen to them winning the number one spot on the Top 7@7:47 last night below:

Congrats to Midnight Red for taking on the big boys as the underdog… and killing them!

–Zann, 92.3 NOW

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