Top 5 Artists Coming To Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

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Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

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Brooklyn will make a splash during the first several months when the Barclays Center opens its doors at the end of September. The venue will begin the fall season with a bang, featuring eight consecutive performances from Brooklyn Nets part-owner Jay-Z from September 28 to October 6. But plenty of other big name artists will come to the borough to show Brooklyn one hell of a night.

That being said, here are the Top 5 Artists We’re Looking Forward To Seeing At The Barclays Center in the coming months.

#5 Justin Bieber

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When the Biebz rolls into the Barclays Center, mayhem will most certainly break loose. Justin Bieber‘s fans swarm like locust (except for the breeding part) wherever he lands. Will Brooklyn be ready for the ensuing outbreak of Bieber fever? We certainly hope so.

JB comes to the Barclays Center November 12th. Medical personal will gather shortly after to work on a cure.

Get your tickets (at your own risk) HERE.

#4 Green Day

green day ai Top 5 Artists Coming To Brooklyns Barclays Center

Source: greenday YouTube

With such a stacked line-up for the Barclays Center’s opening months, it is certainly tough to pick one show to see. A duet pairing two of Brooklyn’s finest musicians is on Ben Harvey‘s wish list.

“Are we going to see a Barbra Streisand / Jay-Z duet on stage? I think a ’99 Problems’ and ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ live mash-up would be hot. Now THAT would be a sight!”

Sadly, a highly unlikely site. But Ben has been in the radio biz a long time and recalls a band he once interviewed a few years ago as the artist he would most like to see when they come to Brooklyn.

“Green Day was the first band I ever interviewed for my college radio station. It was at the 2000 Vans Warped Tour in Boston and we were having tech problems, so I had to hold the microphone really close to Billy Joe’s face. He got pissed off and threw the mic on the ground! This was before any of them got sober or became dads. I’m still a huge fan, and they’ve mellowed out in their later years, so it should be interesting to see what they’re like at Barclays Center!”

Green Day is the first big concert scheduled for the start of 2013 when they come to the Barclays Center on January 16th. It’s been more than a decade since “MicGate” in 2000, so we’re sure Billie Joe, Mike and Tre Cool have transformed from rowdy punk kids to levelheaded punk dads.

Score tickets to see Green Day on their “¡Uno!, Dos!, Tré! Tour” at the Barclays Center HERE.

#3 Rihanna

142629182 Top 5 Artists Coming To Brooklyns Barclays Center

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Rihanna will storm into Brooklyn accompanied by her massive catalogue of mega-hits and, most likely, some sort of drama revolving around Chris Brown or a new twitterversy (that’s Twitter + controversy. YOU’RE WELCOME.).

Ryder is especially excited to see RiRi when she brings her sassy self to the Barclays Center.

“I love this hit-making mama more than anyone! She does no wrong.”

Simple and to the point. There’s no arguing with that.

You’ll have to wait until May 4, 2013 to see Rihanna in the BK. You can purchase tickets to her show at the Barclays Center HERE.

Who knows … maybe HOV will make an appearance and they will run this town like only you can in Brooklyn.

#2 Lady Gaga

lady gaga slow Top 5 Artists Coming To Brooklyns Barclays Center

Source: ladygagaofficial YouTube

Little Monsters … are you ready?

Momma Monster comes home (sort of. We’re sure she frequented BK while growing up in NYC) for her Born This Way Ball World Tour on March 6, 2013. Will she arrive in an egg? Will her new dress be white or red meat?

So many questions, so few answers.

Zann is giggling like a little school girl in anticipation to see Lady Gaga, mainly because her last experience was a bit underwhelming.

“I need to see Lady Gaga again in full effect. The last time I saw her was when she made a surprise appearance on American Idol and all she did was stand on a rock. I’m gonna need to see her not on a rock this time.”


Sasha, being a native of the tri-state, is having her dome piece blown for much more gooder reasonsies … OK, I can’t speak Sashanese! SHE’S EXCITED, GOT IT?!?!

“There’s something about an artist performing in their hometown that makes things much more electric. I’m excited to see them (Gaga and Jay-Z) make Brooklyn sparkle.”

Get ticket for Gaga’s Born This Way Ball HERE.

#1 Jay-Z

110488757 Top 5 Artists Coming To Brooklyns Barclays Center

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Any doubts Jay-Z should be number one on this list?

STOP THINKING. Seriously, just quit it. HOV comes home and will perform for the first EIGHT (8) nights at the Barclays Center … and everyone one of those shows is SOLD OUT. DJ Toro wants to see him in Brooklyn so badly, he’s willing to get a part-time gig as a vendor handing out popcorn at the Barclays Center (Hit ‘em up, Jigga!).

“I’ve seen Jay-Z at MSG. I’ve seen him and Mary J. Blige at IZOD. I’ve seen him at Radio City, Nassau coliseum and PNC in Jersey … and he completely destroyed every venue. But now he’s a part owner AND he gets to open the place; that place is gonna be a complete ZOO. And just for the simple fact that he is opening in BROOKLYN, NY … every performer who has as much breathed on a track he produced is gonna want to grace that stage. And they have EIGHT DAYS to choose from! I can guarantee every show to be different and crazier than the other. I WOULD GO AS FAR AS SAYING THE BIGGIE HOLOGRAM MIGHT EVEN SHOW UP!”

All eight shows are currently sold out, but you can check for resale tickets HERE (You never know!).

Bonus Pick – Disney On Ice

118273597 Top 5 Artists Coming To Brooklyns Barclays Center


How could we overlook the mystical wonder known as Disney On Ice: Rockin’ Ever After? The spectacle is great for families … who are we kidding? It’s something anyone can enjoy. It just so happens to be one of the many events our morning man Ty Bentli is looking forward too.

“I’m not even going to pretend that Jay-Z isn’t the first show I want to see at Barclay. I’m putting together a PAARTY! Also pumped for Green Day, Journey, Disney on Ic … eh, Boxing! Boxing.”

No need to be embarrassed, Ty. He’ll be psyched once he finds out we’re taking a 92.3NOW work trip to the event. He’ll be the guy wearing the Mickey ears BEFORE we get inside the Barclays Center.

Disney On Ice: Rockin’ Ever After will come to Brooklyn on November 27th and run until December 2nd. You can grab tickets HERE.


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