24 Hours Left In The Lulu & Lala Week-Long Conservatorship: Lulu Chimes In!

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Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

Ty Ty Bentli
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There’s no justice in the twin world!

Last Monday I came into work a little sick… ok I was practically dying but I as a dedicated, professional communicator, told myself that there was a job to be done. I was supposed to go out to The Today Show and have fun with all the P!nk fans but LALA & TY decided I was crazy and made me stay in studio. Although I appreciate their concern about my well being, I am in no way anything like Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan for them to have put me on a conservatorship – especially in the hands of Lala.

That may sound like I’m being a total biatch to Lala, but for those who don’t know her I’ll explain what I mean.

Lala is a very sweet and noble person but if I had to describe her in two words, it would have to be “Left Field” because she is never on Planet Earth. I, being her older sister (by 20 minutes), always had to babysit her and make sure that her bills are paid on time, that our website is running, that she has enough contacts for the week, and that her laundry is clean!

I am not her servant and she takes me for granted and says I’m bossing her around??

I don’t call it bossy, I call it GUIDING. She said she was going to take control of everything but has me doing the same thing I always do. Last time I checked, I was her twin sister – not her MAID. As you can see from the picture below, I spent the morning organizing her mess.

conservator 24 Hours Left In The Lulu & Lala Week Long Conservatorship: Lulu Chimes In!

I did leave it nice and pretty for her. Talk about a spoiled princess. Is there no justice in the twin world anymore?! In fact, this morning I wasn’t having it! Tension was getting to be too much in the studio… I HAD to walk out!

There’s only one day left for this ‘conservatorship’, but I have a feeling I might be taking her out if things continue like this! Keep it locked to ‘Ty Loves NY’ tomorrow morning for the final 24 hours!

–Lulu, 92.3 NOW

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